All images: Eivind Lauritzen/Galleri F 15

Sarah S.
Nældens takvinge, fjerde forsøg på Galleri F15 (vi hænger i det samme spind). Aglais Urticae, Fourth Meeting at Galleri F15 (We are Hanging in the Same Web).

28 May–18 June

The project Aglais Urticae works to find ways, opportunities and hope in the charged field between humans and the species that live around them. The butterfly species ‘small tortoiseshell’ is one of the hardy species that lives very close to people; they live in our gardens and overwinter in our houses with us. It knows us and all the little nooks and forgotten nettle beds we leave behind, but most people do not know it. The project raises a series of questions. How do you really know a butterfly? Can one talk to it? Can one learn their language? And when do you go too far?

From the beginning of May to mid-June, S.’ will be present in the Nature House at Alby, co-living with the butterfly larvae which will undergo the metamorphosis into butterflies. A process full of silent mysteries and the possibility of becoming wiser about a species we are already close to. So come on in, have a cup of nettle tea and a chat with the artist or the butterfly caterpillars. Maybe getting to know each other is the way to a more sustainable way of living together?

Aglais Urticae is a project that is repeated annually in different contexts. The project’s first manifestation as an art project will take place in May – June 2022 at Galleri F15. This manifestation of the project is named Aglais Urticae, Fourth Meeting at Galleri F15 (We are Hanging in the Same Web).
S.’ works in sculpture and installation, with a special interest in the processual formation of kinship and coexistence with other species. Her works are based on interaction with specific places. Through her current work with selected sites, she explores, often through animal and plant networks, overlooked narratives and how she can facilitate a broader understanding of who is important to the course of history.

Her works have recently been shown at Hordaland Art Centre and Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art. In 2021, she received The Relief Fund for Visual Artists art student scholarship. In addition, she is the founder and curator of the exhibition platform and the artist network Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt.