All images: Eivind Lauritzen/Galleri F 15

Amina Baker Shubar
Pink Cloud


Amina Baker Shubar uses clay as a medium to express her interest in survival mechanism strategies and environmental challenges, through sculptures taking different shapes and colours. Her sculptures interact with each other, whilst also interacting with the medium of sound. Her soundtracks discuss such topics as weather, climate change, animals and escape, combined with her own history and background as well as the sounds of endangered species. The soundtracks are emitted from within the sculptures.

For Baker Shubar the Pink Cloud is a symbol of survival strategy. Pink colours in the sky on a cold sunny winter day can compensate for grey, sad days throughout the winter. After a sunny day, people gather and take pictures of these clouds, and post them on Instagram. They may not think about much other than the joy it gives them, there and then. At the same time these pink clouds can be a sign of the Anthropocene, man-made environmental emissions, pollution, the reminder of mass production and new capitalism, these pink colour palettes symbolize joy, hope, and survival.
Amina Baker Shubar (b. 1988) is a visual artist and illustrator. In her practice, Amina is keen to research at meeting points between knowledge, power and culture. How power and culture affect nature and our society on different levels. Baker Shubar works mostly with sculpture, photography, drawing and installations. Baker Shubar is currently undertaking the last year in her MFA in Art and Public Space at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.