Winners of this year KORO Prize.

Avgang 2023: Unveil

Amalie Risom Nyrup (DK) and Sarah Sekles (DE/BR) from Art and Public Space.

Risom and Sekles ask: Can we admire the beauty of nature while facing the consequences of environmental changes? 

Driven by the challenge to work with land-art through investigations of the circle of life, where the blooming and degeneration of humans, plants and other species play a crucial role. Amalie Risom Nyrup and Sarah Sekles constantly have the wish to create a holistic symbiosis beyond nature-culture. They seek to push the boundaries of understanding the dependency on these complicated relations with interest in the potential of ecocriticism within interdisciplinary mediums inside art, science, and literature. Their artistic working methods with the natural world implement working in the process, where the exhibited visual outcomes will be developed with time. This notion of time is directed by the natural cycle of life.

Since the autumn of 2022, the two graduating students of the master’s Program Art and Public Space at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) had the Botanical Gardens in and around Natural History Museum as a research area. The result is an exhibition entitled Unveil, which shows art projects installed outdoors in the Botanical Gardens and gallery space at the Natural History Museum. The exhibition is complex and contextualizes the entangled relationship between life and nature.

25.05. – 25.09. 2023
The exhibition can be visited within the opening hours of the Natural History Museum (10 - 17) and Botanical Gardens (7 - 21).
The exhibition is supported by the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and in collaboration with Natural History Museum.


Chapter 3.5

Welcome to a popup show and presentation hosted by Jessica Williams in the year long project (be)longing based at House of Foundation in Moss. Exhibiting artists are: Shiyu Arys Wu, Belén Santillán, Katja Schia and Carolina Vásquez - all MA1 students from Master in Art and Public Space at Oslo National Academy of the Arts showing new individual works. The subject of Hospitality - as a tool for artistic practice has been a part of a course for the Master students lead by Ebba Moi.

30.4 - 22.7 2023
House of Foundation in Moss


Betraktninger = Observations, Dialogues and Actions

Jessica Williams, Karina Sletten, Aleksander Johan Andreassen, Trude Bekk & Tom Teulon, Erina Kawachi & Maté Labus, Ana Brotas & Viviana Cárdenas, Runa Sandnes, Lexie Owen, Sarah Sekles, Amina Baker Shubar, Jad El Khoury, Lill Yildiz Yalcin, Sarah S., Amalie Risom Nyrup, Merete Røstad og Anna Carin Hedberg & Ebba Moi
Curator: Trygve Ohren

8.September - 9.October 2022
ROM, Oslo



Amina Baker Shubar, Jad El Khoury, Sarah S., Sarah Sekles, Merete Røstad and Siri Hermansen 

28 May–5 October 2022 


Master i kunst og offentlige rom,
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo


Masterstudiet Kunst og offentlige rom rekrutterer nye studenter for perioden 2024–25 med frist februar 2024.

Om studiet
Opptakskrav og søknad

Masterstudiet Kunst og offentlige rom ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo er et av verdens ledende program som tilbyr to år med intensiv heltidsutdanning for kunstnere, med fokus primært på samtidskunst, teori og offentlige rom. Vi søker samfunnsengasjerte interdisiplinære kunstnere som arbeider innenfor ulike medium i, om eller med det offentlige rom som kunstnerisk praksis. Vi definerer offentlige rom bredt og ekspanderende innenfor økologiske, sosiopolitiske og samfunnsøkonomiske kontekster, og relevante tematikker innenfor dagens offentlige sfære. 

Programmet plasserer seg i krysningsfeltet mellom kunstnerisk praksis og kunstteori og er attraktivt både for yngre ambisiøse kunststudenter og erfarne kunstnere som søker å videreutdanne seg.

For spørsmål om masterprogrammet Kunst og offentlig rom kontakt programansvarlig av MAPS eller MAPS programkoordinator: 

Mariella Yacubu (programkoordinator)

MFA in Art and Public Space,
Oslo National Academy of the Arts



About MFA in Art and Public Space 
Application guidelines

The national Academy of the Arts in Oslo and the MFA program Art and Public space is currently welcoming MFA applications for Fall 2024 admission.

The Master’s program is one of the world's leading programs on the field of art and public Space and offers two years of intensive full-time education for artists, focusing primarily on contemporary art, theory, and public space. We seek merging and socially engaged interdisciplinary artists who want to engage within different mediums in, or with the public space and diverse sites in transformative ways.

We define public space broadly and expanding in social, political, environmental, and economic contexts, and other relevant themes within today's public sphere. The program is situated in the intersection between artistic practice and art theory and is attractive both for younger ambitious art students as well as experienced artists seeking to further develop their education.

Through the development of the Master projects, students learn skills to build networks essential to pushing the boundaries of art’s engagement with the public space, for sustaining their artistic practice after graduation or for pursuing doctoral research. The study program provides practical and theoretical insights into public art as a diverse and complex area and is intended to contribute to innovative approaches to artistic research and development within the area of art and the public sphere.

We encourage experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to a broad range of art specialisations. Our students have access to advanced facilities including new media, photography, film, printmaking, ceramics, metal, and textiles, while supporting artists who engage with practices of care, entanglements, ecology, collectivity, memory, and art and science.

As a platform and meeting place for specialist practices, our school invites interdisciplinary collaborations and promote the exchange of knowledge between material-based art and strategies of art and public space. Our students produce exhibitions and projects, both at the multiple exhibition spaces on campus as well as in professional venues in and around Oslo. We offer regular guest lectures and tutorials by highly regarded international and national visiting artists, curators, scholars, art critics and other educational collaborators. The students are also offered international and/or national study trips to seminars, geographical sites and exhibitions which are relevant to the themes of the study program.

The program Art and Public Space offers two separate art prices awarded to exceptional MA2 students at MFA degree show. The prices are donated by BKH (35 000 NOK) and KORO (Public Art Norway) (50 000 NOK).

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is Norway’s largest college of higher education in the field of visual and performing art with over 550 students and currently offers 24 study programmes in six departments: Art and Craft, Design, The Academy of Fine Art, The Academy of Dance, The Academy of Opera, and The Academy of Theatre.

The Norwegian Cultural politic and commitment to art employs unrivalled opportunities for emerging artists. The city of Oslo’s strong public commitment to the arts facilitates for young artists to immerse themselves in the city's international art scene—including public institutions, commercial galleries, and artist-run spaces—both during and after the program.

The MFA Art and Public Space Programme aim:

  • To create a critical space for the ambitious realization of potential via community and discourses.  

  • To provide students with the intellectual and practical capabilities required for fulfilling their ambitions. 

  • To support the development of students as experimental makers and innovative thinkers. 

  • To equip the students to become responsible professionals. 

  • To foster and grow a belief in students that the power of art can effect change on a personal and societal level. 

  • To enable students to take work to the world and to bring the world to work.

Duration: two years, full time studies (120 credits)/Free tuition for international students

MAPS Contact list*:

Teaching faculty

Dr. Merete Røstad
Associate Professor,

Dr. Sara R. Yazdani
Associate Professor of Art and Theory, 

Line Ulekleiv
Assistant Professor in Writing Practice,

Former Faculty

Ebba Moi
Interim Head of Programme, main tutor MA1,

Dr. Siri Hermansen 
Professor and Head of Programme, 2021–2022

Dr. Merete Røstad
Associate Professor and Head of Programme, 2020–2021

Dr. Apolonija Šušteršič
Professor and Head of Programme, 2014–2020

Dr. Olga Schmedling
Professor, Art Theory and History 2014–2021

Unni Gjertsen
Guest Professor, Master Project 2, 2017–2018

Administration Art and Craft Department MA

Program coordinator 
Mariella Yacubu
‭+47 977 07 177‬

Student Advisor master programmes
Manuela Seu Stokkmo
+47 99512182

Boel Christensen-Scheel  

For questions please contact:

Program coordinator
Mariella Yacubu
‭+47 977 07 177‬

Master in Art and Public Space, Oslo.
National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24
0551 Oslo Norway

Postal address:
Postboks 6853
St. Olavs plass, Norway
0130 Oslo


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